Kendrick ir'Wynarn d'Cannith

"Hey, Bulk! Say, 'onomatopoeia' if you don't want to be engulfed in flames!"


War Wizard


Kendrick ir’Wynarn d’Cannith is a preening, vain, arrogant mage, or, at least, that’s what he’d like everyone else to think. Raised amongst both the nobility, claiming kinship to the great ruling Wynarn family and the aristocractic mage-smiths of House Cannith, Kendrick learned early on to develop a defensive façade. As someone who honestly dislikes other people and wishes to do as little with them as much as humanly possible, Kendrick actively developed an unlikeable personality in order to ensure that others kept their distance. As the years passed, the mask became the true face, and the face became the mask, and it becomes difficult, even for Kendrick, to determine where his true personality is buried. Already given credit for his great intelligence, Kendrick is actually much cleverer than he lets on.

His family’s branch of the Wynarn family was originally nothing more than a flock of penniless nobles who clutched at their name as their sole possession of value. Two generations back, they were lucky enough to marry into a prominent family of House Cannith who were looking to add a bit of luster and prestige; however, it was the money-grubbing tendencies of the noble half of their clan that landed the ir’Wynarn d’Canniths in serious trouble. Kendrick’s father, Endrin, stationed in Cyre like much of the house, saw great opportunity in Thrane when Cyre began its incursions into its neighbor. Endrin established a strong Cannith foothold in Cyre that boasted a creation forge that was used often in the last days of the war. The ir’Wynarn d’Canniths were enjoying new prosperity and prestige as Endrin rose to greatness as one of the best minds ever to master a creation forge, but everything changed on the Day of the Mourning. The family lost all of its holdings and many of its most prominent members that day.

Furthermore, the Treaty of Thronehold barred Endrin from continuing his craft; however, Endrin did not return to Cyre nor did he move to Breland with the rest of his family. Endrin stayed on in Thrane, conducting further research into warforged creation, maintaining a secret forgehold that housed a fully functional creation forge. It was not long before he was caught and taken to Breland for sentencing. As he had a few sympathizers still amongst the house, he was given the choice of death or excoriation. He chose death in order to salvage the reputation of his family. Endrin’s wife, Mille, committed suicide the next day.

It was in such circumstances that Kendrick was raised, the son of a dead traitorous father and a mother who gave up on life. He was also marked a disappointment, as both his parents were dragonmarked and Kendrick was expected to manifest the Mark of Making by adulthood, yet the days passed with no event. It was also in these days that Kendrick perfected his outward persona, but in many ways it only caused his peers to resent his brilliance even more instead of creating simple distance. In the last days of his time in Breland, before he was due to receive his first full assignment as a member of House Cannith, Kendrick discovered one of his father’s journals as he was packing for his upcoming journey. In it, he found painstakingly meticulous instructions on how to create and maintain a creation forge, but very little on how to operate it once built. He also found his life’s mission.

Given his abrasive personality and the resentment with which his peers and even his teachers treated him, Kendrick was assigned to oversee the reconstruction of a minor outlying town in Thrane as part of House Cannith’s agreement with the local landowner. A talented architect, Kendrick is up to the task, but his real goal is to build a creation forge and perhaps even search through the ruins of his father’s secret forgehold, its location unknown, to uncover clues on how to run it once it becomes operational. To this end, Kendrick realizes he must make himself useful to avail himself of more resources, but he must not let anyone suspect his true motives lest he fall to his father’s fate. In a world where nothing should be taken at face value, Kendrick is using his lack of charisma as a surprisingly convincing front as a one-dimensional battle mage who cares only for his own glory.

Kendrick does not make friends easily and considers his acquaintances as little more than tools he can employ to further his own ends. He considers warforged barely sentient and does not feel the need to coddle their supposed sapience. He is not above stabbing a dagger (or hurling a magic missile) at someone’s back in order to make his father’s dream, his dream, a reality. It would take a momentous event of earth-shaking magnitude to move him from this goal.

Kendrick ir'Wynarn d'Cannith

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