Alain Bellacroix

"YOU WILL FACE ME!....Oh dear, that really sounded a bit too butch, didn't it?"


Reluctant swordmage sky-pirate.


In recent years, the sanctity of the Draconic Prophecy has come into peril. Many found the re-emergence of Aberrant Dragonmarks to be a grim omen, and many felt the same unease as the recognized symbols of the Dragonmarked houses began to find their way onto the flesh of those with no possible relation to the scions of those very houses.

However, despite the paranoia and distrust brought about by the latest turn of the Prophecy, those nobles of the Dragonmarked houses have oft employed those who have suited their temperaments, regardless of whether or not those servants share the bloodlines that give way to Prophetic signs, or even the same species, with the houses in question.

So it has been for years with the Bellacroix family. Based in Sharn since the first Madame Bellacroix, they served as soldiers for the Brellish military during the Last War, the family afterwords found itself sought after by the Kundarak Dragonmarked house, the Dwarven scions of which being impressed by the valor and loyalty shown by the warriors of the family, as well as pleased with the dubious “advantage” of the humans’ willingness to stay behind and die so that otherwise disastrous missions and engagements could be salvaged and even turned into victories for the Brellish military.

While Alain was just under the age of enlistment when his father Jean died to stall a Karrnathi invasion in the waning days of the War, he was being trained as a swordsman and defender of his family’s honor, much to his chagrin, for indeed, the young man had little interest in conflict at all, being something of a bookworm, and obviously even to his elders (who were nevertheless reluctant to admit it), something of a genius and more than a little adept with the abilities that would usually lend a child to training in the arts of a wizard. It was a fancy his father indulged to a certain extent, but when he went to war, Alain’s mother Beatrice pushed the youngest of five into the “family business” of dying on the front lines of any given conflict when necessary. With Jean’s death, Alain’s fate seemed sealed.

However, Alain was a bit more rebellious than his mother gave him credit for, and so he soon began to “audit” (meaning, sneak in on) a number of classes of arcane theory and application at Margrave University, even while his swordmanship slowly began to show improvement over the months and years. When he showed the few cantrips he had managed to learn to cast to his more sympathetic aunt Marie and uncle Tomas and they promised to try and convince Madame Beatrice to rethink her position, Alain felt relieved.

Of course, over the next week, a curious scar appeared over his heart. Being not a fool, Alain knew the mark to be the Mark of Warding, the very Dragonmark of the house that the Bellacroix family served. Fearful, the young man realized that such a thing wouldn’t be taken very well, either considered to be a bad omen by his family’s beneficiaries or, worst yet, taken as evidence by his mother of his destiny being that of a defender of family and house, Alain packed what few things he could carry and left in the night, boarding the first airship bound out of Breland.

The Captain of said airship, called the Midnight Sky, was one Caena d’Lyrandar, a beautiful and dashing half-elven woman with more than a few stories to tell, which she spoke of frequently and with gusto. Alain, not having much to do with his time and quietly more than a little captivated with the woman, convinced her to allow him to join the crew of the vessel in return for staying close to her and hearing her stories of adventure, swashbuckling, and derring-do. In the meantime, Alain managed to start developing a synthesis of his emerging magical talents and the skills that his family had impressed upon him, using the combination to help defend the Midnight Sky from pirates and various other troubles. As well, Alain began to affect a “dashing swashbuckler” personality for himself, though he didn’t really have the talent for it – it nevertheless allowed him to feel more distance from his family and their influence, and it amused Caena and the rest of the Sky’s crew.

Roughly a year ago, Caena ordered the ship down over the skies of Thrane, telling Alain that the crew and she would be hunting for a particular relic in one of the moldering crypts of the area. She told him to look for work in one of the border villages, and that when their task was finished, she’d come and find him. Estimating roughly six months, Alain, after a brief protest that was headed off by Caena explaining that “this particular delve is just over your head, lad”, smiled and went to find something to spend his time with, eventually finding himself employed by a local landowner of a small township.

Of course, that was roughly nine months ago, and so the swordmage is beginning to worry about just what happened to his crew, quickly beginning to surmise that Caena and the rest of the Midnight Sky might very well need some rescuing, if he could figure out just where they went off to.

Alain Bellacroix

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